How we work

We have a well established process for working on animation, film and design projects. We have capacity to take on new projects every two weeks. If you’re looking for something quickly, or you have a hard deadline, then make sure you book early and reserve your place in our production schedule.

Below is our typical production process, though it may vary for some filming and design projects.

Kick-off meeting

The process starts with a Production Kick-Off meeting, which we are usually able to do with a conference call. This is used to ensure we have a full understanding of your brief.

Concept phase

We then move to the concept phase, where we will script, storyboard and produce some sample visuals. During this phase the process is both consultative and iterative, to ensure that we have a concept you’re completely happy with before we start producing your video.

Production phase

Once you sign off the concept, then we can record the voice-over and begin creating your video. There are two rounds of changes available to you at this stage, after the first draft and after the second draft stage, before receiving your final draft.

For more information on how long it takes to put together an animation, or for help on putting together a brief for your project, check out the links below.