How long does it take?

Allowing sufficient time is a key ingredient for any creative process.

Producing high quality animations, or films featuring animation, is the result of a detailed process, with a number of key steps.

Turn-around time

For optimal results we work to an 6-week turnaround. This is a schedule that provides sufficient time to allow us to produce our best work, and you sufficient time to martial internal stakeholders and gather feedback at the various stages of the process.

This timescale can of course be shortened where necessary. We’ve worked on many a project with a quick turnaround, and sometimes it’s unavoidable.

For example if the report on which we’re producing an animation isn’t going to be ready until four weeks before your deadline.

This is manageable with advance planning, and shorter feedback windows – we can’t however reduce the time it takes to create the animation or film.

Planning ahead

But if you’re planning ahead and you know you’re going to be creating an animation, then you should be getting in touch with us 10-12 weeks ahead of your deadline so that we can book you into our schedule.

Please note: for regular content with shorter leader times, please see information on our social video product.