Frequently asked questions

How much does an animation cost?

The price varies depending on the length and complexity of animation among other things. For an accurate answer, the best thing to do is speak to one of the team and they will be able to help.

How long does it take to produce an animation?

Our standard production time is 6 weeks from the initial production briefing.

Do I have to write the script for the animation?

No, we will do that. That way we can ensure it’s an appropriate length and it’s written with animation in mind. What we need from you is information on the key messages that need to be included, and then the relevant source material, such as a copy of a report. We’ll do the rest.

Do I need to come up with visual ideas for the animation?

No again, we will do that. We’ll come up with a concept that hits the brief and adheres to your brand guidelines. 

I have a visual idea for the animation. Can you use it?

We’re more than happy to hear your ideas for visuals for animations and explore whether they are workable and whether they will hit your brief.

Who owns the IP?

You own the final video. It’s yours to use how you see fit.

Additionally, the price we quote you for producing a video will include transfer of IP for re-use of assets online, but not in print. Print IP transfer can however be purchased additionally, and we’ll send across the assets to you in a print-ready format.

Do you produce films?

Yes we produce films, along with films that feature animation or that combine stock footage and b-roll with animation. Check out our film examples here.

Can you help us drive traffic to the video?

Our Account Managers can advise you on how best to generate views for your video through both organic and paid-for avenues. We will provide you with recommendations on where to host the video, and how to promote it through social media, along with which platforms best suit the audience you are targeting.

Where you are seeking to get in front of political stakeholders we can also discuss options for promoting it on or at the party conferences.

Can our videos be used on social media?

Yes, we will provide you with video files in formats that can be used on all social media platforms. 

Do you produce infographics, brochures and report?

We take on ‘design’ projects for infographics, brochures and reports in tandem with animation projects, which is a great option if you want to use the same visual language across the range of collateral you produce. Equally if you have an existing look and want the animation to take its lead from the collateral, that is also something we can do.