Our process for film

With filming, it’s sensible to get planning as early as possible because the biggest challenge is often logistical.

No two filming projects are the same, so these guidelines won’t be appropriate every time, but should give you an indication of the areas you need to think about.

Filming date:

Is your filming date flexible, or do we need to be filming on a specific date and time? If the latter, then get in touch asap to ensure that we have availability for that date.


If you’re looking to film interviews, the interviewees will often have busy schedules and be difficult to pin down. Filming costs are largely influenced by time and distance. So lots of people to film, in different locations over several days is going to be more expensive than getting everyone together in one place at one time. That, however, is difficult to achieve.

You need to be realistic about what’s achievable for your budget, and avoid the temptation to try and cram as much in as possible. You’re hiring a professional crew because you want a professional looking film. This means we don’t just turn up and shoot. We’re going to want to ensure we have the best location and backdrop, that your interviewees are looking and sounding their best on camera.

Also, factor in travel time. If the location for a shoot is hundreds of miles away and it’s an early morning start, then an overnight stay will help generate better results. A fresh cameraman will produce better film than a tired cameraman - they’re only human after all.