Election manifesto videos

While we may not know the exact date of a General Election, we can be certain that one is on its way … and in the not too distant future.

If you're producing a manifesto in the run-up to the General Election then video will be a must for communicating your key asks. A General Election manifesto video is perfect for:

  • Positioning your organisation to candidates, their teams and advisers 

  • Mobilising your stakeholders and drive support for your key issues

  • Social media and email marketing

For more information and pricing, call 020 3758 9405 or email visualcontent@senatemedia.co.uk

FSB - 2017 General Election manifesto video

CML - 2015 General Election manifesto video

YMCA - 2017 General Election manifesto video

We’ve had great feedback on the videos from our member companies and politicians – including the Energy Secretary.

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