Character animation

The inclusion of characters within an animation can help to humanise it and make it more relatable for the viewer.

Yet when it comes to creating characters for animation, there are many paths down which you can go. Abstract characters with minimal facial features and characteristics are useful because they won’t alienate anyone - everyone can make a connection, regardless of race or sex.

In more humanised character designs, the same can be achieved by including people of different genders and from a wide range of racial backgrounds.

Another decision you need to make when considering a character animation is the level of character movement that’s required to achieve the look you’re after. Making characters move realistically demands a lot of animation time, so weigh up whether this is really needed or whether the animation instead would benefit from more detailed scenes and a wider range of designed assets.

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Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union - Living Wage campaign

Character-style animation for BFAWU to campaign for an increase in the living wage.

Kidney Care UK - Kidney Disease

Character animation for KCUK

Quakers in Britain - Kevin's journey

Detailed character design for Quakers in Britain case studies