Creating a brief

Behind every successful project is a clear and solid brief. Consider the below factors when briefing us:

Download our template Animation Brief

Note: If you’re thinking about film, or a film featuring animation, then you should additionally read our film guidance.


Where does the animation or film fit within your overall communications plan? What do you want people to do/think/feel after they have watched the animation?


Who is the animation/film aimed at? A professional audience with in-depth knowledge will require a very different approach from something aimed at the general public.


Warm and friendly? Funny? Professional? Based on the above consider what sort of tone would be appropriate.


What style of animations/films do and don’t you like? What style will ‘fit’ with your overall objective (and your budget!)? Of course we can help advise on this.


The answer here is as short as possible to get your message across, but typically not above 2 minutes. If you need more than 2 minutes to get your message across, you should consider splitting up your content into more than one video.

One useful guide for determining length is the script, as while every voice-over delivery will vary, they will on average deliver 75 words for every 30 seconds. For an animation without a voice-over that uses on-screen text this reduces to about 45 words for every 30 seconds for a decent paced message.


Male or female  or no voice-over at all? Accent? There is plenty to think about with voice-overs. If you don’t have a specific idea, don’t worry as we have a pool of artists from which we can send you samples to choose from.

We’re happy to advise you and help you with constructing your brief.