Uploading video to Instagram just got easier

With so many social networks to consider for posting video, it’s no wonder that tools to make the process more efficient like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout Social are so popular.

Being able to schedule video posts in advance and from one place is vital to efficient workflow.

Scheduling posts in advance is key to efficient workflow

Scheduling posts in advance is key to efficient workflow

So the fact that it wasn’t possible to schedule video posts to Instagram was a major deterrent to posting video content on the platform - unless you were shooting it on a mobile phone and uploading directly afterwards.

Fortunately, however, this has recently changed. Instagram updated its API right at the end of 2018 to enable video scheduling, and multiple image posting, through third parties - enabling them to roll out the change at the start of 2019.

Announcing the new feature in early January, which is also available on Hootsuite, Sprout and other tools, Buffer said: “Regularly publishing video is one of our most tried and tested ways to improve both reach and engagement, and this is especially true for Instagram. I hope this feature will help bring you lots of success with video too!”

The kicker is that this is only available for Instagram Business Profiles. So if you haven’t set up a business profile you’ll need to do so.

There are also some strict guidelines to follow for uploading videos to Instagram, including the standard minimum length of 3 seconds, maximum of 60 seconds and maximum file size of 100MB limits.

A full list of requirements is available here.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne