Politics.co.uk editor named among top political influencers

Politics.co.uk’s editor Ian Dunt has been named among the UK’s top political influencers.

The list, compiled by media intelligence company Vuelio, sees the Senate Media-owned publication represented alongside a host of national newspapers and prominent broadcasters with staffers deemed to have ‘the power to shape politics in the UK’.

It places Ian in the company of Jon Snow, Nick Robinson and Robert Peston, as well as the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr and Laura Kuenssberg who were third, second and first on the list respectively.

Former Chancellor and current editor of the Evening Standard, George Osborne, and Boris Johnson are also in the list’s top 10.

“Those on the list include the most politically informed, those with the best contacts and membership of the right WhatsApp groups for the inside track on breaking news and the latest leaks, and those able to lead conversations across a range of social media platforms,” writes Vuelio in its report.

Politics.co.uk was one of 29 outlets with staffers in the top 50

Politics.co.uk is one of only 29 outlets or publications to have staff on the list, and one of a handful of online-only outlets.

Ian, who has just under 140K followers on Twitter, was noted in particular for his work on Brexit.

The rankings considered a wide range of factors including audience, engagement, industry recognition and platforms, alongside a ‘qualitative assessment’.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne