Why we’re watching ‘publish to social’ with interest

Every now and then along comes an innovation that makes you sit up and think ‘now, that sounds useful’.

I’m not talking about era-defining inventions, but the type of little innovation that you know is just going to make your work life that bit easier or more efficient. Receipt and invoice scanning software springs to mind. That sort of thing.

Well, we had exactly that kind of moment when we saw Wistia’s ‘Publish to Social’ feature.

With the ever growing importance of native video on social platforms, we had grown used to the process of downloading videos from Wistia only to have to re-upload them individually to each platform. A tedious if very necessary process.

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With Publish to Social, once you have linked your Wistia account to a social account, you upload the video to Wistia as normal and then you can share it - with whatever post text you choose to write - directly from there. No downloading and re-uploading or even logging into social platforms.

We tried it with our own Facebook account and it was very easy, and definitely time saving.

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So what’s the catch? Unfortunately at present it is only available for Facebook and YouTube, though Wistia says they “hope to add more as networks continue to open their doors to us”.

For it to be truly game-changing we would want to see it available for Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Additionally, if you’re used to scheduling tweets in advance this won’t help you either as there is only an option for immediate publication. Some form of scheduling function or integration with the likes of Buffer or Hootsuite could potentially help here, if technically feasible.

But overall, given that the growth of native video on social platforms is only heading in one direction, the ability to improve the efficiency of managing the video uploading process is very welcome indeed. We await further developments with interest.

At Senate Media we provide social clips for ‘native’ uploading to social platforms with all of our videos. Additionally we create regular short clips especially for your social platforms to increase engagement with your audience. Get in touch to find out more.


By Nathan Coyne