Why smartphone micro-productivity is your chance to reach out

The smartphone has become a great tool for filling otherwise idle time with productive tasks, such as catching up on emails, or checking in on social media.

For time-poor individuals rushing between meetings and conference calls, it’s often the only way they get to sit and focus.

75% say smartphones have helped to make them more productive

This is why we identified it as one of five key reasons to invest in video content.

So, we were really interested to see Google publish recent research backing up how much individuals have become reliant on their smartphones.

75% of people say their smartphones have helped them to become more productive, according to Google’s data.

So-called ‘micro-productivity’ might occur in a waiting room, in a coffee shop before meeting someone, in a taxi or while on the train.

It enables people to do those things they need to do, but during time that would otherwise be wasted.

When that involves catching up on social media for the latest happenings among their network, you have the chance to stand out and grab their attention.

This is why you need video. Videos receive six times the number of retweets as images on Twitter, while on LinkedIn people are engaging with video ads for three times longer than static image ads.

While some people may be using dead time to catch up on last night’s TV, or to play Candy Crush, many are using it productively to make themselves feel better about their ‘workload’.

54% of people told Google that using their phones reduced stress and anxiety in their lives.

This is because micro-productivity provides a sense of accomplishment, with 60% of people saying their phones helped them to feel more confident and prepared.

If you’re seeking to get in front of individuals who form part of a key audience, then this is not an opportunity to be missed.

Video can help you to reach individuals during their smartphone catch-up routine, ultimately helping you to reach your communications goals.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne