The power of the personal on social

Why employees make the most powerful ambassadors

Social media has blurred the line between our personal and professional lives. You’re just as likely to be followed by your boss, colleague or client as you are by your mum or uncle Dave.

Organisations have had to adopt new ways of communicating in this social space. To succeed, they need personality. This might mean using conversational techniques and personal sign-offs on their posts, or sharing videos and images of their employees and workspaces.

And while this has worked to an extent, it has become tougher for organisations to appeal to an increasingly cynical and social media-savvy public. In 2016 a study by Kantar TNS found that almost half of Brits (40%) ‘actively ignore’ social posts or ads from brands.

So what’s the answer? Research by MSL Group found that brand messages are reshared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees rather than through the official brand account. It also identified that 82% of people trust a company more when the CEO and senior leadership are active on social media. Put simply, it seems we trust content far more when it is being championed by a real and accountable person.

Your workforce is your most powerful group of ambassadors and encouraging them to share what they do on social media isn’t just about awareness: it is crucial for increasing support of your company’s goals.

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Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne