Staff picks of 2017

We choose our favourite projects of the year

December is that magical time of year when it's perfectly acceptable to wear a novelty jumper to work, eat mince pies for lunch and sing along to Mariah Carey in the office. It's also a good time to look back on the past 12 months and reflect on what's been achieved.

We've been lucky enough to work on many great projects during 2017, so choosing our favourites was always going to be tough. Here are just a few highlights, as picked by the merry elves at Senate Media.

Mandy Kullar, Director of Production

Port of Dover: Driving Trade and Prosperity

I'm choosing Port of Dover because the subject is not just topical, it relates to the biggest political issue of the moment.

What really struck me was the use of a simple statistic – the impact of a two minute delay at the port – to transform a complicated issue into a clear, accessible message.

It's one of those projects where all of the elements – a clear message, the voice over, music choice, and our interpretation of Port of Dover's brand identity – combine to create a compelling animation overall.

Dan Atkinson, Head of Business Development

Core Cities UK: Invest, Reform, Trust

Core Cities UK. I love the transition from skyline to graph, back to skyline. They represent the greatest city in the world (Nottingham). Also it's important that we empower our cities with place based policies.

Jen Boulter, Designer

Principles for Responsible Investment: A Blueprint for Responsible Investment

One of my favourite projects this year was the animation we created for PRI. Firstly, the message is something which I feel passionately about (injustice in the world is one of my favourite subject matters!).

Secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed designing the animation which combined big detailed scenes with an interesting use of typography and texture.

Vicky Hall, Account Manager

Institute of Civil Engineers: Project 13

ICE's Project 13. Report design, animation, social media assets and talking head films – we created a full range of visual content to complement this multifaceted project.

I'd also like to mention the Teacher Stress and Wellbeing animation we created for NASUWT, The Teachers' Union. Eight and a half thousand Facebook video views within days = instant hit!

Nathan Coyne, Director

Campaign to Protect Rural England: Deposit Return System

It was a tough call between this and another CPRE animation on why building more roads leads to building more roads. But given the recent rise in the national consciousness about the problems caused by the disposing of plastic bottles and other single use plastic like coffee cups, the CPRE's deposit return system animation has edged it.

The numbers of bottles collected during beach clean ups, and the growing South Pacific rubbish island highlight the scale of the issue. 'It's crazy we're not making sure every bottle and can is recycled', says CPRE. There are already 38 countries around the world that run a bottle deposit return scheme, with some seeing return rates of up to 95%.

I'm pleased that as a company we've been able to work on this issue, and I'm proud that we've delivered an animation that befits its importance.

Issy Cooke, Sales Development Representative

The Howard League for Penal Reform: Channelling Crime

The Howard League's campaign for prison reform is really important – I'm a big supporter of what they are trying to achieve and glad we get to be a part of it. Also, I love the little brick characters!

I also really like the animation we created for Universities UK, which highlights the value students, especially international students, contribute to the economy and local communities. This is something I worked on communicating in a past job and I'm glad to see it being driven forward by Universities UK.

Brook Morgan, Head of Animation

UK in a Changing Europe: Cost of a No Deal

UK in a Changing Europe. It was a great project to work on as the topic is very current and important, our source material was rich in visual language and we had a lot of creative freedom to create a dramatic and unusual piece.

It was also fun drawing all of the British/EU politicians!

Audrey Carvin, Sales Development Representative

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: Peer Review

I really like how the 'idea-to-decision journey' is animated (and I also like the range of colours and visual content)!

Ruth Hazard, Producer and Marketing Manager

Charity Retail Association: Shopping for Good

Lovely visuals, a strong script and a powerful message – I think this animation we created for the Charity Retail Association ticks all the boxes. Just one of many that demonstrates the talent of the Senate Media team (I had no part in this one, so I'm allowed to brag on my colleague's behalf!).

Merry Christmas from all at Senate Media. We look forward to working with you in 2018.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne