Making your membership comms stand-out

We are delighted to have become a MemberWise Recognised Supplier of Video & Illustration Production.

For a number of years we have specialised in working with member bodies and associations to communicate benefits of membership, member services, training in addition to research and policy suggestions for a number of years.

We regularly work with associations, chartered bodies, royal societies, trade unions and any other type of membership body you may care to mention.

Which makes us a perfect fit for MemberWise, who strive to ensure membership organisations can perform at their peak, by networking, sharing of best practise and recommendation of suppliers who specialises in the industry.


So, in recognition of that we would like to share our 4 rules of best practice for videos aimed at members:

  1. Keep it short – a two min video will retain 70% of viewers until the end, but anything longer than two minutes suffers from a much steeper drop off rate. Remember you don’t need to fit every bit of info into a video.
  2. Why you are making a video – there are loads reasons why video is great (Five key reasons can be read here), but you need to think “why am I making this video?”, “what do I want to achieve?”. Without a goal, how can you define its success?
  3. Consider your audience – your audience will define your content, not only who they are but where they will watch it. Content for social media needs to be really short and work without sound, whereas a video for a presentation can be much longer and should have an engaging voice over. One size doesn’t fit all for video.
  4. Work with Senate Media – after all we are a MemberWise Recognised Supplier. Get in touch here.
Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne