Five reasons why video is critical to cut-through

Once a 'nice-to-have', video is essential to achieving cut-through in today's social media driven web

There was a time when video content could legitimately be considered a nice-to-have. But that time passed long ago.

Everywhere you look there are blogs and articles reeling off facts about how dominant video is becoming. Much of it though is aimed at ecommerce, but less if you work in comms, campaigns or public affairs, or if you have some complicated ideas or concepts to convey.

Yet video is already so important to achieving any form of cut-through on social media whether you are trying to publicise the findings of a report or launch a campaign.

That is why we have pulled together 5 key reasons for using video content for comms, campaign, public affairs or thought leadership. You can watch our videos and you can also download a copy of our ebook here.

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

Reason #4

Reason #5

All 5 reasons for video

Federica Romaniello
By Federica Romaniello