Alstom's Widnes facility in 360 degrees

How 360 degrees makes video even more immersive

One of video's biggest draws is the engagement levels it can achieve over text content.
360⁰ videos take this a step further by inviting the viewer to take control of what they are seeing within a scene.
In doing so we are ensuring the viewer is immersed in what they are doing and not allowing their mind to drift to other things.
Take this example we recently produced for the train manufacturer Alstom to mark the opening of its new facility in Widnes.

From your desktop, you can scroll around the largest train modernisation facility ever-to-be-built with a roll of your mouse.
But it's on your smartphone or using a virtual reality headset that it really comes alive – enabling you to pan around and look in whatever direction you wish – just as if you were there (click the image to take look for yourself).

360⁰ videos are perfect for conducting virtual tours to enable people to visit a place through the comfort of their home or office.
But we look forward to developing many more creative applications for the medium in the near future.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne