21 seconds to go, 21 seconds to flow

What So Solid Crew taught me about social video

Music has taught me a lot over the years - much of it useless -but who would have thought So Solid Crew could provide a valuable lesson on snackable content.

We have all heard the stat that we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. This is wrong on a number of levels (now is not the time to go into the attention span and memory of a goldfish - but it has been shown that they can be more focused than the stat suggests).

Similarly, the idea that we have an 8 second attention span is ridiculous. I don't walk out of work after 8 seconds because I've got distracted (although I have thought about it) or leave the cinema during the intro, but what is true is that it's more important than ever for content to grab and hold our attention. This is especially the case on social media where we are competing against many other distractions.

So this little video blog should help give you some insight into how to get the most out of social media and your videos.

Dan Atkinson
By Dan Atkinson