Animations that Elevate Member Communications

In today’s digital age, effective communication is essential to engage members and convey important information. Reaching your members and building on your trusted relationship with them requires content that is appealing and enjoyable to view. Animated videos have become a powerful tool for organisations to communicate with their members in an eye-catching and impactful way. Let’s delve into how animated videos can be utilised for member communication and explore some examples of their application.

Recruitment and Retention

Animated videos play a crucial role in recruiting new members and retaining existing ones. These videos focus on highlighting the benefits of membership in an engaging manner. Take for example our project with Cygnet Group, a leading health and social care provider. We were tasked with creating a 2-minute animation showcasing the awards available to its staff, emphasising Cygnet Group’s commitment to fostering a healthy work/life balance and positive workplace culture. The animation took a “day in the life” approach, demonstrating the experiences and rewards Cygnet offers its employees and how membership benefits can enhance various aspects of life.

Added Value for Member

Organisations often use animated videos to provide added value to their members by communicating key information in an appealing way. For instance, we created this short, text-led animation for The Medical Defence Union  that provided festive advice for medical professionals. This animation ensured that MDU members could navigate the holiday period smoothly whilst maintaining professionalism and adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Explaining New Initiatives

Animated videos are excellent for explaining new policies or initiatives to members. For example, when industriAll Europe launched their strategic priorities at their mid-term conference, we created three animations outlining their focus on sustainable industries, fair pay and conditions, and peace across Europe. These animations effectively communicated complex strategic priorities in a clear and engaging manner.

Promoting Courses and CPD

Animated videos are also a great way to promote courses or continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to members. When the Chartered Institute of Taxation introduced their Diploma in Tax Technology, we created a brochure and video to introduce the course. The video utilised a combination of stock footage and animation to create a bold, futuristic look reflecting the course’s digital focus. Modern light effects highlighted on-screen text for clear messaging.


Animated videos offer versatile ways to communicate with members, from recruitment and retention to providing added value, explaining new initiatives, and promoting educational opportunities. By leveraging animation techniques and engaging narratives, organisations can effectively connect with their members and strengthen their community.

If you’re looking to enhance member communication through animation, get in touch with us to see how we can help elevate your message!