May 2023 Roundup

It’s time for our May roundup!

First up, we worked with the Institute for the Future of Work on a series of animations, highlighting the potential impacts of technology in the workplace.

In the world of shipping, safety is vital. We worked with the IGP&I to create an animation to help prevent injuries and fatalities during mooring operations.

This month, we also worked with ORB International, to explain the principles of sampling that are essential to their research work.

The polyurethane industry is making great strides to become more sustainable, and we worked with EUROPUR to highlight the steps being taken.

Keeping in the world of sustainability, we created an animation for Bioenergy Europe on the potential of Carbon Removal, and with ecoDa and the ECIIA on the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Finally, this month, we continued our work with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, creating their new membership recruitment film.

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