Bring your research to life

Once you have completed your research and the report has been written, the next challenge is how to get your results out there.

Whilst you may have spent hours on your written report, not everyone will be able to read and actively engage with it.

This is where animated videos come in!

Short snappy animations serve a dual purpose. They’ll get the messages out to a wider audience – to those people who don’t have time to leaf through a 50-page PDF. But for those that do have time, the explainer video will help attract their attention and funnel it towards the report itself.

Our 2022 Highlights

This year we have worked with a wide range of organisations and research bodies to create engaging animations detailing their reports and research.

To highlight the importance of experimental units in research, we worked with the British Pharmacological Society to create an animation to form part of their e-learning resources.

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals is leading the way in researching the rare causes of genetic obesity. We created a bright and engaging animation to present the main research findings for medical practitioners.

This year we also worked with Supergen, to explain the importance of carbon balance in bioenergy systems in a clear, easy to understand way for diverse audiences.

For Rare Diseases Day 2022, we created an informative animation for the BioIndustry Association, to explain the current difficulties in developing drugs for rare diseases.

Need a way to get your research findings out there? Get in touch!