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What is a report hub?

A new way of presenting your report

Boasting higher engagement rates, better success on social media and improvements to your SEO, we believe video is the most effective way for presenting the findings of your reports. We're not saying you need to replace the PDF altogether, but video will encourage more people to download it.

Why use a report hub?

A two-minute video is great for summarising your conclusions, but if you want to present a more in-depth account of your research, this can feel too short. Evidence shows that longer videos don't work: engagement drops off considerably after two minutes and Twitter only allows you to upload a video of up to 140 seconds, so what should you do? We have the answer: the report hub.

How does a report hub work?

Rather than creating one standalone summary video, you instead create series of videos that relate to each chapter or section of your report. You then host all your videos together on a bespoke page of your website – the report hub – together with a link to the main PDF. Take a look at the report hub we created for the Academy of Medical Sciences.

What are the benefits?

The report hub allows you to retain all the benefits of using the video format, without compromising on detail. You can include a more in-depth interpretation of your findings, but by breaking them down into short, easily digestible chunks you allow your audience more time to absorb the information.

You can direct different audiences to different videos – particularly useful if you're trying to catch the attention of time-poor individuals such as policymakers. The report hub can also help improve the SEO of your report, as search engines rate video as 'quality content' and push pages hosting them up the results page.

To find out more visit our report hub, where you can watch our 'Rethinking Reports' video series and download the ebook.

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