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Video and the budget

How to use video in the run up to the budget

With the budget fast approaching at the end of the month, we take a look at how different organisations are using video to share their thoughts, asks and messages with policymakers and the public.

1. Explain

In this video produced by HM Treasury, the chancellor explains the importance of 'budget day' and how the Autumn Statement works. At just 40 seconds, it's a perfect length for social sharing, but we think Phil could jazz it up a bit with some animated elements.

2. Raise awareness

In this video we created for Core Cities UK, the organisation presents the findings from its Green Paper, which includes how the government should change its investment strategies. Video is a perfect way for raising awareness among MPs and policymakers, who may struggle to find the time to read a whole report.

3. Lobby for change

This video produced by the Local Government Association calls on the government to give councils the resources and power to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. Adding visuals to an emotive message makes it far more powerful than using plain text.

4. Boost a social campaign

In this comical 'candid camera' style video, the Association of British Insurers aims to show how unfair it is to be taxed for doing the right thing ('I can't pick up my own dog's poo?!'). The video is collateral for ABI's social media campaign #IPTsUnfair, which highlights the fact that the government keeps increasing Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) – something ABI hopes will be rectified in the next budget.

5. Galvanise public support

Ahead of last year's budget, the British Beer and Pub Association used this animated video to galvanise support for its campaign to cut the beer tax. By providing a clear call to action at the end – asking its supporters to email their MP about the issue – the public knew exactly how to get involved. Beer rates are now at their lowest since the 1980s.

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