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Research to get animated about

Turning the output of academic research into something that non academic audiences can understand can prove to be a challenge. Not only to simplify the message, but to do so in a way that engages and holds attention in today's fast paced environment.
At Senate Media we have worked on a number of projects with universities and research bodies, including the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Administrative Data Research Network and the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium.
Here's what we've done:
P4 medicines - Academy of Medical Sciences
The Academy of Medical Sciences used this animation to call for greater leadership both in the NHS and internationally on the issue of P4 medicines.
Protecting privacy in data research - Adminstrative Data Research Network
This is the second video we made for the ADRN, this time looking at how the privacy of individuals is protected while enabling researchers to use their data for projects.
What is social science? - Economic and Social Research Council
With more than 16,000 views this video for ESRC explains 'what is social science' in easy-to-understand terms.
Infrastructure systems - Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium
We combined animation and live action for this video for the ITRC, who are developing a new generation of infrastructure system simulation models and tools to inform the analysis, planning and design of the UK's infrastructure systems.
For more information on how animation can help to showcase your research, fill in our contact form, email us at or phone 020 3758 9407
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