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Hurry to take advantage of our free 'report design' offer

Many of the motion graphics projects we take on involve providing a visual accompaniment to a printed publication, such as a report.

It is often the case that clients want the visual language employed in the report design to be carried across into the animation or vice versa. It looks great when the assets that we’ve created for animations are employed in printed publications or other online contexts.

But, we thought, wouldn’t it be better if consistency of design across our animations and the client’s printed reports wasn’t just an afterthought, but was designed in from the very beginning?

So we want to do just that and are therefore offering two animation customers a report design free of charge.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  • have a report due out in the next couple of months (the sooner the better)

  • are yet to commission a designer

  • would like an animation to help get the core messages across to a wider audience

If so then this is an opportunity to save some money and get a great looking animation and report with consistency of design between the two.

To grab one of these slots, don’t delay, contact Daniel Atkinson (on 020 3758 9406 or as soon as possible.

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