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How your content can avoid the Aether!

It's an easy mistake to make. That report or publication you've been lovingly crafting for nine months has finally been finished. Your directors and executives have signed it off. It's been sent to the printers and PDF'd for publication online.

The launch event to talk about the key findings is next week and invites have been dispatched to key stakeholders and members of the press. 

Everything is in hand and it feels like a massive relief. All you need to do once this is out of the way is put it on your website. Job done.

Unfortunately this is exactly what the Aether wants you to think.

The Aether loves nothing better than documents uploaded deep within websites. The Aether doesn't even care if you tweet the odd link to your publication. One or two visitors won't be enough to keep it out of the Aether's clutches.

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