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Helping to animate the news

Did you see us on Sky News?

If you're an avid reader of our blog posts (which we're sure you are) you'll already know that we believe that video is the best way to get your cause noticed.

It has certainly helped our friends at the Fire Brigades Union, who are calling for an end to funding cuts to the fire and rescue service. The animation we created for them about their campaign has made it on to the news.

Earlier this month the Home Office released research showing that the number of fire-related deaths is increasing at the same time as its taking firefighters longer to arrive at emergencies. Sky News spoke to FBU about how government cuts are detrimentally impacting the service and – as a result – putting lives at risk.

Tune into the report to see clips from our animation (at 2:13 in case you were wondering – not that we're really excited about it or anything) and find out more about FBU's campaign.

You can also watch the full FBU video below.

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