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Hashtags of the general election

Which hashtags should you use during the general election?

We're sure you're busy tweeting about the election, but which hashtag are you using? We've seen #GeneralElection #GE2017 #GE17 #UKElection #snapelection popping up on our feed – and no clear consensus on which is best.

If you want to follow the conversation on social media, it's a good idea to keep your eye on what's trending in your network and adjust your hashtag to match. On the morning of the election in 2015 a mistyped hashtag even managed to trend. #GE0215 was blamed on 'sleepy tweeters' who apparently woke up too early to remember how to spell.

While we're not advocating murdering the English language on a regular basis (especially if you're a content provider), picking up on trending hashtags, however silly, are a great way of getting your posts noticed.

Twitter has designated #GeneralElection and #GE2017 as official tags, so these are your best bet for a general post (and will also launch the election emoji).

Other hashtags appearing in election debates over the past few weeks include #MyPublicDuty, which has been used my NHS workers to highlight the negative effects they believe Conservative policies have had on the service. Labour MPs and supporters meanwhile have been chronicling the party's doorstep campaigning efforts using #LabourDoorstep.

Bespoke hashtags like this are a very powerful way of promoting a specific message, and it's worth looking at whether there might be similar examples being used in your own network that you can take advantage of. Jumping onto those conversations can help you to drive traffic or exposure to your own content.

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